Commission 8- Jack and his protective ice polar bear.


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I’m curious. What are the, say, top 5 things you associate with me?

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wow this just blew my mind. so beautiful.

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I’m following quite an amount of blogs but I think I’d like more! I follow a lot of Jack Frosts and a few Toothianas, but I need more!! 


The tension building in her shoulders eased a bit at his agreement. At least he’d given her that. Maybe Astrid could dissuade him further. Her heart fluttered anxiously at the very idea of Jack fighting the choppy waves on a windy day, the look of panic that could cross his face…

With a slight shake of her head, she followed after him, wincing at the soreness in her limbs. Rest was a good idea. She flipped up the covers on the bed before sliding in, a soft sigh parting her lips at the softness enclosing her. 

Jack tossed and turned all night long. He could not find the sense of peace because of his worries for tomorrow. Sitting up, he let out a small sigh and looked over at Astrid. She seemed calm and peaceful. She was safe. Jack carefully pulled the covers off of his bed as he climbed out to head to the kitchen.

A glass of water seemed refreshing at the moment. When he had finished drinking, Jack decided to try and head back to bed. He climbed in under the covers and soon found himself drifting off into a light sleep.

Morning came sooner than expected, and Jack was awake at the crack of dawn. He decided to get up and make some breakfast for him and Astrid. He headed to the kitchen and began to cook up some pancakes.

awkward-and-brave said: "'SPIT IT OUT!'"



29. You’re under arrest.

Jack had been forced to be the hall monitor at school after his last prank had put some damage to the school building. At first, he thought that this was a boring job, but he soon realized how “serious” it actually was. He had already ticketed many kids for silly reasons like walking with their shoes untied or taking too long at the drinking fountain, but this one had crossed the line.

"You’re under arrest." Jack said as he walked up to Hiccup. He had remembered to bring handcuffs on his second day on the job. Jack reached in his back pocket and pulled out the said handcuffs. "School started exactly 1 minute ago and you are just now showing up. Shame shame shame. Put your hands behind your back."

Hiccup whined weakly, half-heartedly following the other teen to the dreaded office. “Jack, come on, you really can’t just give me a pass? You’ve really become different once you put that stupid badge on.” 

Jack paid no attention to the boy’s whining as he dragged him over to the principle’s office. He opened the door and saw that the principle was busy. “Now I have to watch you.” He said. “Take a seat. Don’t say a word.” Jack commanded as he pointed to one of the two seats available. After Hiccup had taken a seat, Jack proceeded to take the seat right next to him. 


Captain Frost : The Nightmare Soldier