garputhefork said: "#72. :)"


72. Can I touch my nose with my tongue?

No, but guardianofsnow can!


making stuff

  • spilled paint on them in the art store au
  • trying on glasses frames at the same time au
  • wrong number au
  • girl/boy scouts troop leader/member au
  • firefighter au
  • artist/commissioner au
  • running away from home and finding each other au
  • tripping over each other at a concert au
  • boats next to each other in the harbor au
  • street performer au
  • number found in used clothing au
  • laundromat au
  • medieval au 
  • music too loud on the bus au
  • paying it forward au
  • olympics au
  • bike riding au
  • bus stop au
  • horse racing au
  • superhero/ supervillain au
  • punk and hipster au
  • got caught ding dong ditching au
  • internet friends au
  • met at a midnight premiere au
  • part of the first kiss video au
  • language barrier au
  • stuck in a time loop and re meet each other every day au
  • extras in a music video au
  • costars au
  • sales assistant/ customer au
  • prank call au
  • trick-or-treating with kids/ younger siblings au
  • orders switched at a restaurant au 
  • accidental stranger photo bomb au
  • hijacked a car with someone sleeping in the back au


Let there be Rainbow Snowcone!!!! I’m finally on winter break and I’m going to post all the drawings I haven0t scanned yet!!